Merasakan Keberadaan Tuhan – Imbang yang sangat baik untuk Merasakan Kehadiran Tuhan


Ever felt the presence of God? I grunt loads of you have to per chance vow. Listed here, I vow you the draw you have to per chance feel God’s presence.

It is for your darkest hours that you’d like God to attain a miracle for you.

For this to happen, by all blueprint pray. A fave optimistic rapid prayer that I take hang of to claim is:

Thank you God for all blessings.

Let blessings take care of coming my draw, all my draw, the total extra, an increasing number of.

Accurate thanks for the total blessings which can per chance be already on the draw in direction of me.

That you just have to take care of Your grace on me the total time is my perception, hope and prayer.

Supply protection to me, derive mercy on me and search over me.

Please attain NOT inflict upon me severe punishments nor recall complex checks on me.

Thank you God for all blessings.

And so it is.

Then travel and recite a verse from the Holy E-book. It is more fit to head sequentially thru the pages so that you leave a tag where you left off and capture up from there for your next recitation.

Then travel about your every day initiatives and chores within the unparalleled ways. Push yourself a minute bit bit whenever you happen to procrastinate. There’s silent a rainbow on the tip of the avenue. So commit it to memory’s price it.

Then the magic would unfurl. One thing will happen to brighten your day within the technique of going thru your every day chores.

Shall we snarl, for me something very friendly occurred after I felt very wrathful and disappointed in existence total. Nevertheless then I went thru the above steps. And bingo!

Certain, I left my computer pc – the unparalleled mails and updates and nothing intelligent. When I touched my natty mobile phone, I noticed three messages sequentially coming from a guy, announcing that he cherished my articles and rapid tales in and even left a comment on belief to be one of my articles and turned into my follower. I turned into as soon as so joyful and joyous.

And this day morning, I stumbled on a mighty likelihood of views on belief to be one of my fresh articles in

These are God’s miracles and magic at play to develop your existence brighter and reduction you smile, forgetting your sorrows. And also you have to per chance entirely immerse within the moments, feeling God’s presence and feeling extra gratitude for His blessings.

The proven truth that you already thanked Him for your preliminary prayer for the blessings that exist already for your existence makes God bless you mighty extra. Within the prayer, there itself is the magic. You needn’t request anything else from Him. Thanking Him for the blessings you derive got already obtained is ample.

I hope you derive the postulate how magic and miracles God brings about making you smile and letting you be happier and boosting yourself to attain extra brave and doable initiatives to reduction you climb the ladder of success and skills existence. It is in these moments, sure, you are going to derive God’s presence.

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